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Blue shag and Kitty

11/1/2014 12:27 PM

blue shag and cat

Just plain cute..

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10/12/2014 11:50 AM

1-Prep work!
Fill any holes or imperfections with spackle, wait for it to dry, and then lightly sand the patches.
Use paintable caulk to fill any gaps between the walls and trim before painting the trim.
Make sure your walls are clean.
Remove dust, dirt, and grease spots (which can ruin a smooth finish) with water, a little mild dishwashing detergent,
and a cellulose sponge.
Rinse walls with clean water to remove the soap residue.
Stir your paint before you begin, and don’t paint straight from the can.

2-Blue Tape!!
Tape the trim, window, and doorframes
Be sure to use painter's blue tape, which can be applied up to a week ahead.
**Remember to remove tape immediately after painting,
before the wall dries, so you don't peel off any paint with it.

3-When in doubt : Use a Primer.
It's a common myth that walls that have been painted many times don't need to be primed.
In fact, primer helps maximize the sheen and coverage of paint and gives the finish coat a more uniform appearance.

4-When to Brush - When to Roll
Brush where you can't roll.
Brush on paint around trim and in the corners of walls, where your roller can't reach, with a two-inch angled brush.
Extend out two to three inches from windows, doors, and moldings.

5- Paint your room.

Paint the remaining wall using your roller. Once all your prep work has been done.. Painting the rest is easy.

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10 Common Decorating mistakes:

1. Paint Too Soon
This is the number one decorating mistake when designing a living room. Paint should be one of the last things you consider. Furnishings should come first. It’s much easier to match paint to your couch than vise versa.

2. Choose Uncomfortable Furnishings
In a furniture showroom, most people gravitate toward what looks good. Consider how that sofa or chair will feel while sitting on it for the next ten years. Armless sofas are elegant and leather chairs can look divine, but may not be conducive (or comfortable) for lounging about.

3. Neglect to Accessorize
Clutter doesn’t count as decor. If your coffee table is covered with magazines and you can’t see your bookshelves for all of the books, it’s time to reassess your accessories. And don’t forget to look up! Walls and ceilings can be great places for decoration.

4. Don't Remove Anything
Too much stuff is … well, too much stuff. When something new comes in, take something old out. If something doesn’t work for you anymore or goes unused, sell or donate it. Cleaning out is a weekly, if not daily, process. Staying on top of it will keep your living room in tip-top shape.

5. Settle for Anything
Most people, when they need a rug, sofa or vase, drive down to their local store and get whatever is handy. Instead, consider how you’ll feel about that item in five years. Is it going to work with your other furnishings now and later? Good things are worth waiting for. And when in doubt, don’t.

6. Don't Consider Scale
Furniture too big for a room. Artwork that’s too small. A tiny rug in the middle of a large living room. These are common mistakes in living rooms everywhere. Decorate your space, not someone else’s. Just because it looks good in a showroom doesn’t mean it will work in your room.

7. Push All of the Furniture Against the Walls
I know it’s tempting, but decorators know that pushing all of the furniture against a wall can actually make a small living room look more cramped. And conversations shouldn’t be held from 15 feet away. If you have a large living room, use your furnishings and accessories to create living spaces instead of one big space.

8. Create a Television Shrine
We love our TVs, but try to avoid turning your living room into a theater. The art of conversation was once celebrated. Cultivate it again in your home by arranging furniture for other activities besides primetime television.

9. Don't Consider Your Growing Family
The uber-sleek designer sofa may look incredible in the showroom, and the cream-colored wool shag rug may even look better in your own living room, but if kids or pets are in your future (or already in your home), consider more wear-friendly furnishings.

10. Ignore Wear & Tear
It takes effort to notice the wear, bumps and bangs in our own living rooms. After all, we see our living rooms every day and become accustomed its use. The good news is that it doesn’t take much to keep your living room looking fresh on a daily basis. A once-a-year evaluation should do for bigger projects – such as replacing or refurbishing furniture, walls and floors.


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Going White

9/29/2014 10:13 AM








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Cool retro inspired rooms

6/8/2014 9:12 AM


From Danish-mid-century modern to stylish Eames decor.. Mix and match retro accents to fit your own mood and style.

Check out these Retro-inspired rooms! 

White shag rug room retro inspired living room

Retro shag room Retro living room

Vintage inspired living room vintage living room

Orange shag rug vintage flokati rug

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Posted in Interior Design By Phil Vassil

A quick look at Industrial Furniture and hand made accent pieces. Some things we like! 

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Working with Shag rugs

5/28/2014 10:58 AM

Thinking about buying a Shag rug.? Here are 3 simple things to consider.

1- Size and Scale: 

When using flokati shag or any shag rug.. You want to make sure you don't overpower a room with too much rug. You don't want to cover up too much of your floor. Flokati rugs work best with a border. Leave enough space so your rug and floors both shine.
Having said that, choose a size that gets the job done.

Living areas- are you putting the rug under or in front of the couch.?
Bedrooms- will the rug go completely under the bed or halfway?

white shag rug big flokati rugwhite shag rugnatural flokati

2- Color:

When deciding on color, keep this in mind. Do you want the rug to "pop" or blend into the room.? Color can bring life to any room. Will that come from the shag rug? Or the accent pieces in the room.? Natural colors in shag will blend the room. Stark white and brighter colors will make it pop.

Keep the room open. You can use darker colors if you have the room size. Putting a dark color in a small room can make is seem even smaller.
It’s best to go with natural and lighter colors in smaller rooms.

black shag rug gray shag rug

3- Texture: working with pile.

All shag rugs have texture. Texture comes from the actual pile length and also the backing.
The main thing to think about here is visual vs. functionality. High traffic areas are better off with a low to mid length shag pile.
Low traffic areas can go mid to long length shag pile. Longer shag rugs tend to be more plush and exotic. 

white shag rug natural shag rug

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fLoKaTi Custom design

5/26/2014 2:10 PM

Thinking out of the box.? We make free flowing flokati and kidney shaped flokati rugs.! The Free Flowing edge flokati rugs are similar to SHEEPSKIN rugs except we don't use the skin. The backing is woven wool. 

sheepskin flokati kidney shape flokati

We are always looking to use Flokati shag in differerent ways.. 

flokati ottoman flokati stool

CUSTOM made flokati rugs from our past: 

custom flokati rug angora flokati rug

black and white flokati white and black flokati

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Posted in Interior Design By Phil Vassil

fLoKaTi Baby!

5/24/2014 10:32 AM

We have supplied leading photographers around the world with flokati rugs for their projects. We love the flokati babies.!  WoW.!

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fLoKaTi Pets

5/23/2014 8:21 PM

flokati shag pet bedhave found that almost every dog and cat really love flokati shag.. Probably because the wool is from SHEEP.. it makes a connection. We supply an animal rescue group with flokati rugs. When they rescue a stray, we always line the cage or bed with flokati. This really...

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Posted in fLoKaTi Pets By Phil Vassil
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